The Eco Drum Bag Project

Project Description

In 2013 Executive Director Kojo Bey conceived the idea of a eco drum bag made from recycled plastic (RPET) fabric. 6 years later we secured the fabric in Asia and hired a team of local sewing specialists in the Brenu Akyinim area in the Central Region of Ghana to form the production team. With the support of OBey contributors we purchased the equipment and supplies needed to set up the production room at the newly reconstructed Brenu Community Center. We have had a prototype of this bag in the field for a few years now testing its practical use as well as its durability. We have been happy with our field tests and have revised the design of the bags to meet the needs of the well traveled professional and amateur D’Jembe drummer. We will offer various sizes at a cost that will be more affordable than expected for a specialty product if its kind. The future of this venture will be to hire qualified students from our sewing school to work as part of the bag making production team. We will also look to design eco friendly conga bags made from the same RPET fabric.